Sapphire DropShipCommand Tech Readout

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Sapphire Light Power Armor

Sapphire Light Power Armor

Sapphire Light Power Armor

PowerArmor Technical Readout

Mass: 735 kg
Chassis: Maya I-3
Power Plant: DuraPlant Compact
Maximum Speed: 54 km/h
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: IceBurg Ferroweave Light
1 Kleine Star Support Laser
1 M24-L Laser Rifle
Maya Heavy Industries
Communications System: ComPort Mark V
Targeting & Tracking System: MiniTrax C

The origins of the Sapphire Light Power Armor are unknown. 
An increasing number of these units have begun to show 
up on the market on planet Vilborg in Lyran space and are 
now diffusing throughout the entire sphere.  The 
anonymous vendor also controls the supply of spare parts. 
The design is obviously a starleague one.   All the 
components that have not been replaced by more 
common parts have been traced back to a conglomerate 
of small starleague era manufacturers.  However, all the 
parts are in new condition, suggesting that the original 
factory wasn't destroyed in the succession wars.  The 
design is remarkable; proving exceptionally well suited for 
the acceptance of third party replacement parts.  Some 
speculate that the design is intended to replace 
un-armored infantry all together.
The base chassis, while somewhat difficult to repair, is 
more than capable of supporting the power armor's 
equipment and armor plating.  The inside cavity is filled 
with an adjustable padding, allowing operators of many 
different sized to pilot the machine.  Each arm is fit with a 
battle claw that can be operated as if it were the pilot's 
own hand with the use of a sensor equipped glove 
located inside the enlarged lower arm cavity.  While both 
claws can be activated at the same time, usually the pilot 
keeps one hand free to operate the various other controls. 
 These claws allow the Sapphire to attach themselves to 
BattleMechs and perform swarm attacks.  By removing 
your hand from the control glove the pilot can access one 
of two mirror control panels, allowing the armor to be 
piloted with equally by right or left handed people.  
Functions include adjusting the heads up display, optical 
enhancements, targeting computer, radar and 
communications settings.  The Controls are also used to 
fire the weapon systems and activate the jump boosters.  
A large advanced myromer system in the legs allows the 
Sapphire, once up to full speed, to cover 7.5 meters in every 
bound.  With 2 strides every second the Sapphire can reach 
speeds of 54 kilometers per hour.   Its great speed allows it 
to advance on most units, especially tanks, with ease. 
The strength of the legs can also easily cushion the 
operator during landings.  The small laser provides the 
Sapphire with ample firepower for a unit so light, while the 
laser rifle can be employed against un-armored infantry to 
conserve power.  The Sapphire is far more utilitarian than the 
standard clan power armor, which was designed only for 
battle.  An extended life support enables the suit to 
maintain a stable airtight environment for upwards of 24 
hours and control the internal temperature in a large range 
of hostile environments.  It has a lot of the equipment 
carried by standard infantry in a series of small arm 
mounted compartments.  Components can range from a 
simple powered screwdriver to a small arc welder, which 
can be controlled by the internal keypad.
The sale of the Sapphire in the Lyran Alliance almost 
guaranteed its rapid dispersal across the inner sphere, as 
the Lyran Military refused to purchase such a small 
"insignificant" piece of machinery.  Rumors that the clans 
or a clan faction produced the Sapphire were started when 
the Sapphire first saw action.  Before they were available on 
the market, a group of strangely marked BattleMechs and 
almost a platoon of Sapphire's raided a planet on the edge of 
the Rim Worlds Collective.  Planetary sensor operators on 
the planet were confused and alarmed when an 
unidentified warship jumped into the system.  The 
planetary defenses were placed on full alert as the threat 
closed in on the planet.  Two unidentified DropShips 
carried the attack force onto the planet where they 
immediately moved to attack a large city.  The raiders sent 
only one message, "Surrender and you will not be 
harmed."   Refusing to surrender, the defenders fought 
valiantly.  The raiding mech units were far superior to the 
garrison mechs, but the tank units leveled the playing field. 
 The power armor soon saw its first action.  Rushing over 
a ridge, the power armor units were on top of the tanks 
before they knew what hit them.  Tearing apart weapons 
and treads, the tank crews were unbelievably left 
unharmed.  As the remaining defenders retreated into the 
city, the power armors were able to cut through the 
surrounding buildings and ambush the defending mechs 
on their own terrain.  From his control vehicle the garrison 
commander watched as the raiders looted several high 
profile warehouses and the governor's private museum, 
totally ignoring any industrial goods and weapons depots.  
The incident was so extraordinary that it was almost 
dismissed as an elaborate hoax until the actual armors 
appeared on the market.
Type: Sapphire Light Power Armor
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2
Weight: 735 kg

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 60 kg
Propulsion Equipment: 75 kg
Jump Equipment: 75 kg
Ground MP:5
Jumping MP:3
Sensors:15 kg
Armor:5 points 250 kg

BV : 131 Cost : 387,650
Small Laser LA1 95 kg
Laser Rifle RA1 10 kg
Battle Claw LA1 10 kg
Battle Claw RA1 10 kg
Myromer Booster BD1 125 kg
Extended Life Support BD1 10 kg